TEDx speaker Kaya Jiwan is specialized in deep personal transformation work.

She is an international mentor for love~life~sxx and one of the leading voices in the field of transformation.


Although she is trained by the best teachers in the world, the success of Kaya is the Layered Body System.

A methodology based on neuro-science, sxxuological bodywork, reversed polarity, body de-armoring, kundalini awakening,

nerve system feedback response and psycho-emotional release therapy.  


The integrated approach of the Layered Body System   has transformed the lives of many of her private clients. 

Extensive science-based knowledge of the body and the brain, together with spiritual and sxxual wisdom makes Kaya truly one of a kind.

Kaya, not your average coach, therapist, bodyworker, teacher or Guru. She is extremely down to earth, non-judgemental and sharp.

She is not afraid to call you on our bullshit and brings all the avoiding mechanisms to the surface. 

The true dedication of working closely with her clients is rooted in a personal experience 14 years ago. Kaya was in a serious life-threatening situation that not only brought her close to death, it also resulted in a 4-year physical and emotional recovery. This experience awakened a deep connection with the power of life, death, and transformation.


"I wished I had someone like me standing next to me when I needed it.

But I didn’t. That’s is why I am here for you, all the way."

Besides being a mentor, Kaya Jiwan is also a facilitator and a writer. Her first book will be published in 2020.


Amsterdam - Ibiza - Tulum


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