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The gift of Kaya Jiwan? 


I can not explain it 


I hate her I love her 


She confuses. She teaches. She disturbs. She just knows things.



Somebody once said: ‘There is before and after Kaya.’ 


And I didn’t realise how much that was true until I started to spend time with her. 




I joined in the last years several of Kaya’s trainings. They were not only mind blowing, but also life transforming.




Kaya Jiwan has a unique approach in all her trainings. She has the courage to disrupt the whole group, the balls to confront each participant with a sharp knife, while at the same time you have no choice than to fall in love with what she shows you. 




Kaya Jiwan? 

She sees right through you, has a heart full of love, a mind full of wisdom,

but cuts with a sword through your bullshit.




With the wrong intentions, Kaya Jiwan could be a master manipulator. She knows not only all about the human psyche, she sees right through your whole system from cellular memory trauma to subtle survival patterns.




Working with Kaya means:


Nothing stays unseen 

Nothing stays unspoken

Nothing stays in the middle


You will be stripped down naked to the core 




Kaya is an Alchemist 


She turns your shadows into gold.

She turns your shame into self love 

She turns your lies into deeper connection 




The shadows and the shit of your fake identity is the fertile ground for growth when you dare to look them in the eyes


Kaya Jiwan is like a human lie detector, she knows the drills of the reptile brain, the manipulation of the mammal brain, and sees right through the hijack of your neo-cortex




Kaya is a wise woman 

A neuro science nerd 

A sexy alchemist 


But most of all a brilliant mentor who not only transforms the lives of her exclusive private clients, but also the lives of every ones she meets through revealing the truth beneath the little lies you didn’t see. 



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