Body Awakening

Release - Awaken - Charge

The body remembers everything, the good and the bad.

Even the things you don't remember consciously, the body knows it all. Your body contains endless wordless story's and has incredible wisdom. 

Unfortunately, many of us don't know what the body tells them, let alone that they know how to access the unlimited potential of the body.


In Body Awakening we release, awaken, and charge the body using techniques, practices, and specific touch to open the deeper layers. 

When the body softens, numbness melts, blockages dissolve and deep transformation takes place. Depending on your profile we work on the contraction that keeps your body stuck and limited, release trauma and/or awaken the deeper sensations of the limitless orgasmic potential.

Kaya  is a master in opening the system for a full body boost.

Her integrity in reading the stories of the body and rebalancing the orgasmic flow is highly valued by her private clients.

When there is stuckness or limited embodiment Kaya creates a safe space to work with trauma, intimate and sxxual related issues.

In a Body Awakening you can be fully dressed, partly naked or fully naked, depending on the topic and techniques.

Although the experience can bring a relaxation and deep pleasure, Body Awakening is not an erotic service. 


Holistic Pulsing

Trauma Release

Full Body Awakening

Sacred Spot Massage

Sxxuological Bodywork
Orgasmic Transformation

De-shielding/ De-armoring 

 Body Awakening

450 EURO/500 USD

Before you book a 2hr Session you are invited to schedule a call to explore how Kaya can serve you.

Amsterdam - Ibiza - Tulum


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