Many people are not aware that life is only experienced through the body.

Pleasure, guilt, org[sms, jealousy, anger, disappointment, success, happiness, addictions, relationships, s[x, judgements,  boredom, lies, love, trust, winning, losing.


The body is all we have.

And isn't it beautiful that no matter how hard we try to numb or ignore it, the body always speaks the truth. Whether we want to hear it or not, it never stops communicating what is really going on. 

Both inside and outside of us.


Yes, you can to try to convince yourself that the mind sits behind the wheel of your life, and that the body is only limited to the physical sensations, but all your thoughts, experiences and desires are created by the body too. 

Maybe you don't realise it but the body, and all it has been through, 

determines completely what happens in your life. It is the base of your intuition, to keep you safe and protected, it is also the navigator which leads the way to the destination you desire. But only when there is a sense of internal balance and alignment.

From feelings to urges, from needs to dreams, from suffering to satisfaction, from addictions to succes. Your body creates in a masterful way your life, whether you like it or not.


For many people, unfortunately, the body is a storage place of numbness, stress and cellular memory trauma. When all the contractions, build up from the moment you were conceived, influence the decisions you take in every single situation it is no wonder that you struggle to feel balanced. 

I know we have been bombarded by all kinds of methods in the last years

that tell you a different story. From NLP to positive affirmations, from psychologist to coaches. From mental health experts to rehab clinics. 


They all have it wrong.


Only when you free the body from cellular memory trauma, you become the master of your life, simply by following the internal bliss of aliveness. 




Body of Truth is the discovery of the potential of your body and the awakening of a truly satisfying life.


In Body of Truth we use the body as the mirror to set the tone for a new future. Because every body, every life and everyones history is different we work with a personal set up. 


In the session we use tools and techniques to explore the sensitivity of the nerve system, the survival responses of the reptile brain, the bonding/inner 

authority levels of the mammal brain and the power of the neo-cortex.


A personal profile with practices is created to support you in de-armoring the shields of numbness, to create new neuro-pathways and to increase the internal sensitivity which leads to power and freedom.

Not through talking, but through practices, feeling, touch, experiences

sounds, movement and intimacy. Nudity, genital or internal touch and plant medicine microdose can be part of the session when it deepens the transformation of the body. 


Body of Truth 


2hrs on location 

no aftercare call 

 500,- eur

3hrs on location

1hr aftercare call

 1000,- euro

Before booking a session you will have an intro call to set up the container for the your session. Although we normalise nudity, Body of Truth is not an erotic service in any kind.