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Evolution of 9

You went through several stages to get where you are now. Growth, insights, lessons, loss, failure. You have done your work and gone through spirals of the same topic/issue, with different outcomes. You know how evolution works, and how Mastery is born.


 Interestingly enough,you are not where you want to be. Both in your private and professional life there are topics you don't master. This leaves you with a feeling there is more to reach for.

In the Evolution of 9 I show you how to make an exponential jump in your growth both in your private and professional life. 


I work with you when the vision is crystal clear, resources are in place, the anchor points are set, and everything is in perfect alignment, yet you feel there is something in the whole picture sabotaging the desired life and you can not identify it.

In the Evolution of 9 I will create a full spectrum analysis of your life, blockages and potential. I will identify which steps are missing in closing the circle of you inner evolution.

In this exclusive Mentorship we use daily life as the most powerful tool for growth. We work together until everything thrives in a way that is rarely seen.


The Evolution of 9 focusses on internal, strategic, and personal growth which leads to results that can not be achieved in any other way.


Before we decide to work together, I investigate your personal profile, the desired outcome and track the obstacles in closing the full circle.




Evolution of 9
Personal Mentorship

125.000 euro



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