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Private Mentorship

Entrepreneurs, visionaries, pioneers and leaders from all over the world find their way to Kaya's work. Although it is hard to describe what her gift is, once you work with her, you want to keep her close.

Kaya is like an intimate outsider, she gives your life a new pair of eyes and ears. She sees things, she knows things. She can explain all the deeper dynamics of your past, your life, relationships and business. But most of all shows you the doors to achieve the desired goals.


Some people say: "It is as if Kaya understands me better than I understand yourself."


But most of all Kaya offers her clients a deep loving presence like never experienced before. This is in itself not only rare, in a world full of fast and shallow connections, it is also priceless.

Each Private Mentorship is tailor-made. The rhythm through the year, the location of the in-person meetings, everything is based on your issues, goals, and needs.

Before Kaya decides to work with you, an interview will give clarity if there is a baseline of mutual chemistry to set the tone for transformation.




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