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Kaya Jiwan is a visionair who has impacted the lives of many. 

She is a body based expert in neuro-science, physical energetic embodiment & psycho-emotional development. Specialised in trauma, addictions, survival strategies and relationships.


Kaya mirrors and shows how you can claim back your power, awaken mastery and step into your full potential.


 Besides all the above Kaya is an amazing Body Alchemist, who reads and understands the language of the body in a way rarely seen.

Rooted in years of experience Kaya's approach is sharp and straight forward, she has an unconventional yet very successful way to get you to where you long to be. She is not afraid to call you out on your bullshit, lies and subtle manipulations on the journey of living your truth. 


Kaya works with different modalities, she is not the one size fits all. Knowledge, insights, visual stimuli, embodied imprints  & nerve system regulations are combined into a powerful cocktail that leaves not other possibility than to go through a deep transformation. 

Kaya has 25 years of experience in working in the field of trauma, addictions, love, sxx, death, divorce, power, succes and relating. 


Kaya is based in the Netherlands and travels the world for her private clients.


If you want to work with Kaya, explore what she can offer you, feel free to reach out for a clarity call. Read here what others say about Kaya.

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