Nobody wants to be called a Follower, but unfortunately many of us are living the life of a Follower and are struggling to find the way to Inner Leadership. 

In your Mentorship we focus on the areas where you are not in control, where you are diminishing yourself and lost your power.



Maybe you long for a mirror which reflects all the unseen parts that keep you small. Maybe you need to be called out on your subtle addictions and the way you numb yourself through life. Maybe you need a full reset from the traumas that have been ruling your life.

Kaya Jiwan invites you on a private transformational journey, a high pressure cooker where you can not avoid, escape or hide from all that has been lingering under the surface for so long.



This exclusive mentorship for Followers is a full fck yes to step into your power. It is a deep commitment to take full responsibility for your life and claim your Inner Leadership.

The program is tailored around your inner evolution. It is never the same. For some people it is an intense journey of releasing destructive patterns, healing the urge to numb their way through life. 


For others it is an activation of embodied power, transforming limiting believes after playing small in a lifetime full of co-depended relationships.


It doesn't matter where you start of what your situation is. The program is a full reset of powerclaiming new 

territories instead of living the rest of your life following  others, the crowd or your traumas.


Kaya will has developed a unique approach of body based wisdom that support you to find the lies, the subtle manipulations, the unhealthy power dynamics and the survival strategies you play out in your life. 

Your program will consist of mirroring, dynamic analyses, nerve system practices, embodiment regulations, body awakening techniques, touch, insights and new groundbreaking methods to reset your system on a cellular level.



Intro session

In person or zoom

500,00 euro 


Starting from 3 months 

5000,- euro

Due to the intensity of the work, Kaya only accepts a limited nr of clients. It is possible to book your Mentorship as a private retreat. If you desire a different set up, reach out for an introducion call and Kaya will create a personal offer based on your needs and desires.