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Who Are We




Of the conscious world, with your looks, your wisdom and radiant image.


You are the free spirit and the awakened soul who lights up the room.

You are an example for the masses who live a mediocre life. 


You live for freedom, yoni massages, crypto, instagram, plane tickets and sound healings.


You are an inspiration for your old friends, who choose to have kids, a mortgage and career.


You are the one who dares, jumps with eyes open and feels so deep.

But when you are alone and look yourself in the mirror, you know something is off.

There is something lingering under the surface that you can't really pinpoint.

You have tried to live in sacred union, spiritual polyamory, conscious celibacy. You know all about it from your own experiences. You have done the practices of authentic relating, radical honesty and the 7 veils of intimacy. 


Yes, you are the one who dares, jumps with eyes open and feels so deep.


You have done the ceremonies, the plant medicines, the intimate bodywork sessions and endless hours of meditation. 


You are the one who dares, jumps with eyes open and feels so deep.


After all the inner work you are closer to yourself, to GOD and SOURCE than ever before.


And still you are not where you want to be.




You want to know why?

Because there is something you don’t want to see. There is something hidden so deep that you are not ever aware how to find it. Something unseen and unspoken is limiting you and with all the work you have done, it didn’t go away.


Sometimes you feel like a loser, a misfit. Sometimes you wonder if it was all worth it. The tantric dates, the temple evenings, the long sleepless nights because your conscious lover is with a new crush, the endless hours of talking with your spiritual friends about abundance, the hunting for followers on Instagram, the doubts if you ever find a strong aware faithful committed non bullshit yet spiritual partner to have a long term relationship with and maybe even kids.


There is this little voice that creeps out of the darkness with questions you believed you already mastered. How is it possible that I have travelled the world, went to the best teachers and trainings, have such a deep profound knowledge of life, unity, love and oneness, but can not reach into this one thing that is stopping me from having it all.


I hear you

I see you 


And I wrote a program especially for you 



The one who drinks their matcha latte with coconut milk, the one with the cool natural clothes and spiritual tattoos, the one who sings mantras and dance barefoot on the beach, the ones who are digital nomads and eat vegan food while watching the sunset in a tropical place. 



Ista die-hard

David Deida fan

Kali's and Shakti’s

Tantric bodyworkers

Temple facilitators

Abundance mentors  

Embodiment leaders 

Instagram goddesses

Yogi's and influencers

Ecstatic dancers with sexy clothes


And all of you conscious people, who like to travel or live in tropical places like Bali, Koh Pangang, Ibiza & Tulum where the cacao ceremony is the daily ritual and microdose the favourite drug.


Ah, and not to forget all of you who are not living under a palm tree, but have read the books, did the work, followed the trainings and still feel like a fck up.




T  O  X  I  C 



Is for all conscious women who dare to dive deeper into the darkness of their self claimed conscious identity.

Yes, I know you explored your fare share of shadow work, investigated the wounds of your inner child and are aware of the dynamics you play out in intimate relating. didn't  manage to break through your relational dynamics.

I know how it feels 

To be connected with Source, to have channeled and embodied wisdom in your temple

and to fck up/feel lonely/feel like a loser in relationships

After being in a marriage for 11 years, after giving birth to two children, after divorce, I decided to become a tantric yogi dakini conscious bodyworker for several years. I was highly succesfull and highly unhappy. 


I had an affair with an International Kundalini Yoga Master, a soulmate relationship with a Tantric Bodyworker, I lived in conscious celibacy for some years, practised polyamory with a sexy Embodiment Teacher and found the twin flame trauma bonding love of my live in a conscious crypto babe.

It all didn't work out.


Cause I didn't know back then what I now know.

​So here is what I offer 


To you my love with your shiny eyes

We are going on a treasure hunt for 8 weeks 


To claim and release where you have been

T O X I C 



You know the drill


 Stuck in twin flame co-dependency

Goddess syndrome and emasculation

Conscious men with mother wounds 

High sensitivity hide out for not taking responsibility 

Polyamorous trauma bonding 

Astrology/Human Design justification 


Bypassing with false identity layers 

Control issues/Subtle Manipulation

Connected with God but still feeling empty 

Strong need for validation from the social media followers 

Passive aggressive love and light shit 

It is time to cut some cords and to face your demons

Image by Jakob Owens



8 weeks of my full attention 

Weekly practices, audio files, worksheets 

Telegram channel with chat support 

Two year access to all material

This progamm is not another woo woo offer with tools you already know.

No, I will give you a master key to unlock all.



PS This is not for you of you are attached to your identity, you are a man, 

if you are over 40. 

I am in

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