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Inner Leader

To show up as the living proof of success in a 24/7 society creates the illusion that you have everything together.

Surrounded by wealth, status and money, reaching out to a trusted peer, with a sensitive personal issue, can feel uncomfortable and even dangerous for future positions.

This is one of many reasons why you often struggle in silence. Not knowing who to trust leads to loneliness. And not knowing how to bridge external power with internal vulnerability, can lead to a spiral of shame, isolation and fear.


Kaya Jiwan offers an intense personal mentorship where you discover your true source. Instead of focusing on the external world, Kaya opens the doors for the Inner Leader, the one who lives inside and is often ignored, forgotten or pushed away.

When the Inner Leader is not equally powerful to the external world, personal issues can influence and even sabotage growth. Climbing to higher stages of success while clearing the field of personal shadows is often a road less traveled.


Due to the intensity of the work Kaya only accepts a few new clients per year.


Inner Leader
Personal Mentorship

25.000  euro


There is a waiting list for 2024.



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