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"Receiving the reward of being fully rooted in autonomy and authenticity while experiencing deep connection with yourself and others."


We all struggle with relating.


Literally everyone I talk to, feels challenged with the balance of staying in their own autonomy and building a bridge of connection with the ones they love.



Why is the dynamic of autonomy and connection so difficult? Why do we leave ourselves consciously and unconsciously?


Why do we adjust ourselves to please others? Why does it hurt so much when someones rejects or leaves us, but when we reject or leave ourselves we ignore it?


Why does the spark of aliveness die when we change ourselves for the ones we love? And why do relationships crash when one of the partners dares to claim back their long lost autonomy? 


Why does it feel safe for one partner to give themselves away, while for the other it feels too scary to let go of the safe haven of autonomy?


Why do we run into childhood patterns in our relationships and how come we easily blame the other instead of taking radical responsibility for how we show up?


And what is this weird layered feeling of being strong and powerful on one side, but feeling lost in relating and love?




The answers are not to be found in the relationship, but in the subtle manipulations we unconsciously play out to create false safety. Yes, we all have been trained to lie to ourselves and to the ones we love from the moment we were born, pure from the impulse to belong and to survive.


If there is one goal in Truth Based Relating, it is to come home to yourself and from this foundation of self stepping into relating without the need to lose/wall/adjust yourself

Truth Based Relating is not a quick fix but a deep transformation in the field of relating.



In Truth Based Relating you will explore relational blockages, subtle manipulations, trauma bonding, co-dependency, relational avoiding mechanisms, core wounding and imprints of conditional love. Since sxx and intimacy plays a role in relating too, we also take a look 



Pleasing and fitting in

Love and loneliness

The illusion of belonging

Validation wounds

Radical Responsibility

Lies & dis/trust

Subtle manipulations

Broken promises 

Cutting unhealthy cords

False identity layers 

Body Intuition

Pseudo Safety 

Inner Leadership 

Wisdom of triggers

Neediness vs needs 

Subtle manipulations

Attachment imprints

Inner leadership and authority

Primal navigation vs childhood wounds 



Truth Based Relating is a full spectrum methodology where knowledge, insights, visual stimuli, embodied imprints  & nerve system regulations are combined into a powerful cocktail that leaves not other possibility than to go through a transformation you didn’t know was possible. 

Truth Based Relating is based on 25 years of experience in working in the field of love, trust, bodywork, relating, trauma and of course Kaya’s own fck ups in life and relationships. Kaya is not afraid to call herself out on her bullshit and will do the same to you.

When Kaya discovered the connection between core wounding, the mammal brain, the reptile brain, the nerve system and cellular

memory trauma she decided to develop Truth Based Relating to support all people who have awareness in the way they relate but still struggle with finding the balance between autonomy and connection.

Kaya offers Truth Based Relating as a 4-day group training for individuals and couplesIn case you desire to work private  with Kaya, she creates a personal elite package upon request.


Truth Based Relating

4 Day Training


Personal intro call

Methodology Manual

Integration zoom meeting

Personal aftercare call


Early bird 1.500,- euro

Regular 1.750,- euro



27 - 30 October 22




19 - 22 January 23



27 - 30 April 23



Book your ticket here


Book a clarity call with Kaya

Want to work private?

Reach out for private couples sessions



* Cancelation policy:  In case you have to cancel your booking you will get a 75% refund one month prior to the start of the training. 50% refund two weeks prior to the training, no refund 7 days or less to the start of the training. In the rare case that Kaya is unable to provide the training you will receive a full refund or you can choose a ticket for another TBR Training. 



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