making love with life


Orgasm*c Lovers is a training for people who long to explore the depths of love, sxx and intimacy. We will dive deep into relationship dynamics through touch and the language of the body. Learn how to open up the body of your lover, how to read the levels of arousal and relaxation, how to create magic together through body based experiences. 


Orgasm*c Lovers is not an airy fairy woo woo light training but a meeting of yourself and your lover in the shadows of self and in the layers of protection that keeps you safe .


Orgasm*c Lovers, making love with life, is a training about the Orgasm*c Body, about opening up to be seen, loved and heard in the presence of the other without any censorship. We will work with intimate body explorations, learning about the landscape of arousal and exploring the roadmap of pleasure. Massages, de-armoring, sexual awakening practices, intimate touch, body reading, shadow work, polarity training it will all come together in 3 magical days.


In Orgasm*c Lovers we will use the body as the portal for all transformations.

 The layered body system developed by Kaya Jiwan, will support you in your process and understanding of the Innocent Body, the Emotional Body, the Memory Body, the Sensual Body, the Sxxual Body and the Orgasm*c Body.

Set up

Day 1 - My Body 

Activate and discover your own body, regulate the imprints of numbness, boredom, freeze.  

Explore your Orgasm*c Potential. Feel accepted and deeply loved where you are. 

Day 2 - Your Body 

Learn how to read, how to connect and how to open the Orgasm*c body of your partner

without interference of the mind. Be seen, loved, heard.

Couple practices with and without touch, conscious embodiment, intimacy, sensuality & sxxuality, (optional) nudity, no physical exchange with the group, corona proof set up. 

Day 3 - Our Body

Did you ever discover what it means to be one body together with somebody else.

How does it feel yo go beyond your own body, to meet as Orgasm*c Lovers, to become one without losing yourself?


Couple practices with and without touch, conscious embodiment, intimacy, sensuality & sxxuality, (optional) nudity, no physical exchange with the group, corona proof set up. 


Learning & Exploring

Awakening the layered body, Orgasm*c intimacy, Karma Marmas, The garden of pleasure, Arousal in safety, Coming home in your lover, Chasing what you have, The charge of No, Sxxual Playfield, The gold of boredom, Shame and Shadows, Liquid Love, Body Based Relating, Energetic Entering


Heart opening 

In this training we will (optional) micro dose on Saturday with Mexicana truffels, a very light heart opening substance that supports the awakening off a deeper body based connection.  The levels are micro which means that you will not get high, trip or have a specific ceremony around it. 


This training is for you when

You have an amazing relationship & an unsatisfying intimate life. You have an amazing relationship & long to deepen the connection. You have a relationship & feel something is missing. You don’t have a relationship & long to feel more Orgasm*c in your body and life. You don’t have a relationship & struggle with relating and intimacy. You just want to have an amazing weekend & can’t wait to become an Orgam*c Lover.


18-20 JUNE





Time schedule












Couples ticket  1100,-


We have some single tickets (550,-) if you come without a partner. In that case we will find a partner for you

to work with in this training. Please send us an email to apply for a single ticket. 



Book your tickets here: Tickets

For questions please send us a mail.

About Kaya

Kaya Jiwan is specialized in deep personal transformation work. She is an international mentor for love~sxx~life and

one of the leading voices in the field of transformation.


Although she is trained by the best teachers in the world, the success of Kaya is the Layered Body System.

A methodology based on neuro-science, sxxuological bodywork, reversed polarity, body de-armoring, kundalini awakening,  classic & neo tantra nerve system feedback response and psycho-emotional release therapy.  

Extensive science-based knowledge of the body and the brain, together with spiritual and sxxual wisdom makes Kaya

truly one of a kind. She is extremely down to earth, non-judgemental and sharp. She is not afraid to call you on our bullshit

and brings all the avoiding mechanisms to the surface. 

Due to her coma and nearly dead experience, 15 years ago, Kaya has a deep connection with the power of life, death, transformation and eternal consciousness.

Covid Conscious 

We will work in a big space with a limited nr of couples. You will work on your own matras,

which will be covered by your own sheets. There will be no exchange of touch or any physical exchange

with others than the partner of your choice.


If you have symptoms and you can’t participate in the training.

Your ticket will be transferred to the weekend under the conditions of the cancelation policy.


Covid refund policy 

When you have Corona or Corona related symptoms, you receive 50% of your ticket unless we find somebody

to take your spot. When you can not make it because of Corona regulations from

your government (in case of traveling) you receive 50% of your money back.

In both cases we like to be informed max 48 before the training starts. In the case that you inform us

24hr or less before the training starts there will be no refund. 

When the venue cancels because of Corona or the local government forbids small indoor events or

when Kaya and her team can’t give the training due to Corona, you will get a full refund minus 100,- euro administration costs.



Cancelation policy

 After booking your ticket the following applies: When you have to cancel your booking you will get a

75% refund one month prior to the start of the training. 50% refund two weeks prior to the training,

no refund when it is 7 days or less to the start of the training.


What others say


Maxime / 34 yrs

Never felt so liberated

i am free

Never felt so good


Renate / 42 yrs

I felt lost in my love life when I reached out to Kaya. I heard about her from a couple who went from the edge of divorce to be crazy in love. I was not sure if she could help me since I have had issues with relationships for most of my life. What I didn't know is that Kaya is a hurricane. FULL ON, SPOT ON. Destroying every piece of me that was in the way of loving myself and meeting the right partner.


Peter / 52 yrs

She listened to me and said: "Give yourself One year of sessions or One month of living with me and we will transform the sh't out of everything. Nothing will stay the same, you will enter a new chapter of your life."


And so I did. I became me, the One for Me.