After years of working with Orgasmic Energy & Deep Transformation. After years of inspiring and Mentoring clients all around the world to step into their orgasmic power.

Kaya asked herself: Why?

Why am I doing what I do, why am I here, why do I feel this ongoing urge to grow, transform, inspire and expand? Why is there always something new around the corner to develop, to reach for, to gain.

Why?​ Me

Why? How

Why? What

Why? When

Why am I still looking for something that is already here?

Kaya decided to stop, to pause 


To collect her work 


And to wait for an answer

Coming from within

Here, now, without a why

The collection was born 

Welcome to a new world 

With Kaya Jiwan


The collection

Color Stain



Abstract Gradient



Image by Nikita Taparia




F*ck waiting for the right moment

F* ck holding back

F*ck playing small


it is time for your Personal Revolution

it is time to wake up!

If you want to live a life filled with abundance and bliss, you need to stop caring about what others say or think. This is the moment to let go of all your safety nets, to jump into the unknown and claim your magical power back.


Give up everything what is holding you back and start to become who you truly are:

An Orgasmic Being made for Ecstatic Living.

offer 3 times a year an amazing transformational journey for a limited number of people 

An exclusive offer 


To live with me


One month


In Mexico 

Pleasure Based Living


On all levels 

You change from the outside in

And from the inside out 

Until there is nothing left 

But living a life

Of pleasure, love and abundance  


Jump and I show you the roadmap to a new life


A new way of living

Beautiful Nature

What others say



Maxime / 34 yrs

Never felt so liberated

i am free

Never felt so good


Susie / 46 yrs

I felt lost in my love life when I reached out to Kaya. I heard about her from a couple who went from the edge of divorce to be crazy in love. I was not sure if she could help me since I have had issues with relationships for most of my life. What I didn't know is that Kaya is a hurricane. FULL ON, SPOT ON. Destroying every piece of me that was in the way of loving myself and meeting the right partner.


Peter / 52 yrs

She listened to me and said: "Give yourself One year of sessions or One month of living with me and we will transform the sh't out of everything. Nothing will stay the same, you will enter a new chapter of your life."


And so I did. I became me, the One for Me. 

Image by Hudson Hintze



You are grateful for everything in your life.  

But the question keeps crawling through your mind: 


Is this all there is?




If you haven't unlocked your full orgasmic potential there is much more to reach for.


Kaya offers exclusive custom made programs for individuals and couples who desire to take the next step, to dive deep. People who are not afraid to jump into the unknown and discover all that is possible.

Intimacy Coaching & Orgasmic Transformation. Everything is tailor-made, designed around your questions, needs, and desires.

Sxxless Marriage - Intimacy Anxiety - Relationship Boredom - Orgasmic Disorders - Body Shame

Co-dependency - Midlife Crisis  - Divorce  - Pleasure Awakening  - Shame and Guilt

PME - Trauma Related Freeze - Freedom Based Living - Power and Purpose Awakening


Although some topics are related to the body and orgasmic intimacy, the nature of the work is LIFE and transformation. We do not offer any erotic or sxxual services. 


In person


Schermafbeelding 2019-10-04 om 15.24.30.


Kaya loves to reflect,  speak, see and live through her words.  her poems are based on real life experiences, 

with partners, lovers, clients, friends & strangers.


Kaya looks at the world through a lens of endless possibilities and unconditional love. She offers her readers not only a space of trust and a loving home but also a sensual raw experience of s'x, orgasms and relationships. 

Image by Cristian Lozan


Kaya wrote a personal workbook in which you learn to use Masturb'tion as ​a tool for transformation.
40 days of M. is your guide on a journey of self pleasure, Orgasms & deeper self love.
40 days of M. is based on years of working with her personal clients and has it's foundation in the methodology of S'xual 
It consists of intimate bodywork, tools and techniques for orgasmic transformation. 
Image by Marvin Meyer

Orgasmic Tulum

Orgasmic Awakening 

Orgasmic Body


Orgasmic Lovers


Orgasmic Touch, Orgasmic Talks, Orgasmic Living: Orgasmic Tulum.....


It is happening, Kaya offers her services in Tulum Mexico. From free Orgasmic Awakening at the sunrise on the beach, free Orgasmic Talks in her favorite cafe, to exclusive workshops Orgasmic Touch and individual sessions for Orgasmic Lovers.

Yes, when Kaya is around there is no other choice that to become Orgasmic!

All the events will only be published in the special app group: Orgasmic Tulum.


Send us your number and you will be the first one to hear all about the Orgasmic Events in Tulum.


Image by Jeremy Bishop

Pleasure Based Living

Can you imagine a life where you are nourished, where you spoil yourself and feel loved in every minute?

Can you imagine a life that serves you on all levels?


Can you?

For a long time I thought I had to struggle to survive and that stress was a just a part of the game. I gave into a life where I wasn't really happy and allowed pressure to dominate my days and my feelings.

But deep down I knew that another kind of life was possible. A life filled with ease, a life based on freedom, pleasure and abundance. A life that is nourishing and soft, instead of depleting and destructive.

In these transformational times, I see more and more people waking up to the fact that the life they are living is not serving them. They were able to distract themselves to not feel the deeper dissatisfaction, but now that regular life has come to a pause they wonder.

Is this truly the life I want to live?

I invite you to feel what you long for in your life, is it more freedom, more pleasure, more relaxation, more purpose? Is it more touch, more connection, more laughter, more joy, more orgasms?  


Together with Sema Simone I create a place, a sanctuary, a house, where you can come to rest, love and live for 3 till 6 months. Where you have your own haven, to make the transition to another kind of life.

It is not a community, not a tribe, not a cult.


It is a free living space to co-create, co-work, inspire and nourish yourself while being a part of a bigger change in this world.

I invite you to feel into the possibility to make a transition to freedom and pleasure based living. I invite you to explore what you need to create the live you have always longed for from the depths of your soul. I invite you to imagine the life you truly desire, the picture of the dream you buried deep inside.

I invite you to reach out if you feel you are ready to meet yourself on all levels.


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