Kaya Jiwan is a trusted counselor, inspirator, guide and advisor for people in powerful positions. Since having power can have its own challenges, Kaya offers exclusive mentorship for leaders who feel a deep call for change.


Guiding a leader doesn't only ask for the skill to relate to the charisma the leader naturally radiates, it requires creating an intimate bond. A safe space where darkness and shadows are welcome, all is aloud to be seen, including the lies that have been told to the outside world to keep the image safe.


One of the challenges Kaya observes in her clients is the split between being powerful in one area and feeling powerless in another. This split often creates a delay in going deeper into the matter and sometimes even leads to a complete denial. The denial increases not only the split but

also the issue the client deals with. A spiral of duality in the external and internal world can bring the leader to the edge of losing its succes and power. Living both the truth and the lie.

Another challenge often observed is the lingering emptiness under the foundation of external succes. For a long time this emptiness can be covered up by the urge to have more, seeking the temporary reward in chasing sugar-coated goals. Or numbed by substances that feel like an acceptable solution until a boundary is crossed.


The emptiness many leaders experience is often rooted in the loss of equal mammal bonding. Leaving the leader powerful but lonely at the top.


Some clients don't have a specific topic, but notice how in their journey to power, forgot who they truly are. It is as if the identity of the leader faded out the personal identity. Surrounded by followers and others leaders, it can be hard to find a mirror that reflects back the private person behind the position. 


To face the area where there is a possible loss of control not only asks for courage, to admit the internal lies that have been told to the world, but also asks for humbleness. Stepping down from the power position of safety, looking deeper into the caves of darkness, where the painful and disturbing emotions hide, is a challenge most leaders try to avoid for as long as possible.


Years of experience in working with emotional numbness, success boredom, loss of purpose, power domination, addictions, trauma, love and s\x has made Kaya into an intimate confidante with no topic untouched. 


Personal Mentorship

starting from 

10.000,- euro


Private Weekend
starting from

8.000,- euro


Online Mentorship

starting from

6.500,- euro

All programs are tailor made, build around the needs and desires of the client, the field of work

and location in the world. Kaya works with a limited nr of clients. An introduction 

call is included in the start of your journey