Image by Tim Marshall


Melting Bodies, clear boundaries, soft fluid touch.


Come and explore LIQUID LOVE in AMSTERDAM


Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am special, but touch can make me feel deeply in love with myself, my body and my life.


In the upcoming LIQUID LOVE we will explore how the soft animal of the body can surrender to deeper pleasure within the safe container of a group.


Through special touch practices and a lot of oil, we discover the language of each body, clear unspoken boundaries and awaken deep sensitivity.


When you are ready to drop deeper into the innocent body, you wil reach a state of fluid group intimacy without sxxual touch. 

Through the several practices there is a possibility you lose your sense of space and time. The limitations of where your body begins and ends will fade until you feel you have become one with all. One body made out of several bodies, moving and touching within a safe container of love and clear agreements.


Parts of the event are with a blindfold, to take away the mental eye of control, (partial) nudity is included. All practices will only take place with clear consent and within the container of non sxxual touch.


LIQUID LOVE is a safe space to deepen the sensitivity of your body,

to go beyond the social paradigm and to be loved and touched in a way you have never experienced before. 



22 April 

20.00 - 22.30

women only


55,- per person 

110,- per couple

If you have any questionplease send an email, if you are ready to buy your ticket click here.