Online Guidance

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I am here

Sometimes you long for someone you can talk to.

To share your thoughts with someone who listens without judgments, someone who cares for you, and sees you.

Kaya is the mirror that reflects your deepest feelings, she helps to clear your vision, offers honest reflections and practical insights.


One of the qualities of Kaya that she is sharp, she is able to pinpoint immediately what is happening on multiple levels.

In the last years she supported her international clients with questions around personal growth, business,

purpose, intimacy, divorce, grief, addictions, ssx and relationships. 

Online Guidance is not limited to talking/sharing/coaching.  

Depending on your desires and needs the sessions can be with or without embodiment and intimate practices.

3 months 

Weekly call of 90-minutes

Bullet points after each call

What's app support

4 Emergency calls

3500 EURO/3800 USD/30.000 HKD


 You are welcome to book a free 20-minute intro call to discover your potential, to identify your struggles, and to explore how Kaya can serve you. After the intro call, there will make you a personal offer that suits your needs and desires.



Amsterdam - Ibiza -Paris


New York-Hong Kong-Tokio


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