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  • Kaya Jiwan

S*x Positive Society

I have been thinking a lot about Sex since the whole #MeToo movement started.

Well that is not completely true...I always think a lot about Sex, but now it felt like I was looking at it in a different way.

The last months there were many discussions about the Masculine, The Feminine & Sexuality that I almost started to worry.

We live in a Pornographic society, where Sex is the most important ingredient to seduce the innocent consumer. We have the highest rate Porn and Sex addicts ever. The #MeToo activates more awareness,  but unfortunately there is also a downside to the naming, blaming and shaming. Next to all the above or maybe as a result of it, we are moving into a era of new prudishness and censorship.

In these challenging times I wish to create another movement, the Sex Positive Society.

In a Sex Positive Society, we honor Sex & Sexuality. We feel comfortable about our own Sexual Identity. We are fully empowered conscious sexual beings who take ownership of ourselves and our decisions.

It does not mean that we will have Sex with anyone, but simply that we have the right and the freedom to have Sex with anyone we choose. It also means that we embrace the decision to not have Sex if we don’t want to, and to accept when others don’t want to have Sex with us.

In a Sex Positive Society, we see Sex as a healthy part of life that should be enjoyed. Sex can be discussed without shame, guilt or awkwardness. It is not a taboo subject, there are no power games, nor is there any abuse.

In as Sex Positive Society there is no need to hide anything. We understand our bodies, we learn from other bodies and we know all the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects involved with Intimacy & Sexuality.

Doesn't that sound great?

Let's start a Sex Positive Society all together. No more pain, blame and shame, but a celebration of all sexual beings.

Love, Kaya