Private Weekend

I am here

In a weekend nothing is left unspoken. Kaya will give you an imprint of another kind of life.

Pleasure Based Living and Opening Your Full Potential is the core of the weekend. She will work with touch,

(partial and optional) nudity,re-parenting,  nerve system mirroring and transformational coaching. 

You will focus on releasing limiting beliefs and transforming old wounds to create space for new imprints. 

Depending on your desires and needs the weekend can be with or without intimate practices.


Introduction Session

Preparation practices 

Friday 4hr session

Sat/Sun 6hr session 

Personal Workbook

What's app support

Aftercare Session

5000 EURO/5500 USD


 You are welcome to book a free 20-minute intro call to explore how a private weekend can serve you. 




Amsterdam - Ibiza - Tulum


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