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Sometimes you need something stronger, to go deep on all levels. Maybe you need a full reset, maybe an in-depth observation of your relationship dynamics. Maybe you just need to be held, cry, feel loved and receive a lot of touch.

A Private Weekend with Kaya Jiwan is a tailor made personal journey. A high pressure cooker where you can not avoid, escape or run away from the feelings that have been stuck under the surface for so long.



Private Weekend with Kaya Jiwan is a full yes to commit

to the next steps in your evolution. 



A Private Weekend is never the same, for some couples it is a private retreat where they rediscover connection and intimacy. For somebody else it is an activation of masculine power and embodied leadership, while for the next person it is a journey of releasing childhood trauma and receiving deep imprints of love.




 After an introduction meeting Kaya will create your personal profile and build a safe space for your transformation. Kaya will select modalities and techniques that serve your needs, desires and proces. She does not offer a standard program, but develops an unique piece of art based on where you are and where you want to go in your life. 


Her tailor made program offers a clear structure, practicestouch agreements and consent on all levels. Since a Private Weekend with Kaya can feel like a rollercoaster of experiences, emotions and insights, she writes a report with observations, practices and insights which you receive two weeks after the weekend.


Your transformation means nothing without proper integration. Therefor Kaya continues to stand by your side after the weekend with

whats app support, an integration meeting and aftercare call.



A Private Weekend can take place in your own home or on location.

In the weekend Kaya works with you or with you and your partner. It is also possible to have your partner present, while Kaya works solely with you. Transparency and being seen in all is one of the corner stones of the Private Weekend.


Emotional numbness, s-xual boredom, loss of attraction, relational power dynamics, addictions, trauma, death, love, divorce, orgasm*c disorders, loneliness, feeling powerless, masculine/feminine polarity, in a weekend nothing is unspoken or unseen. You are welcome with your personal issues, curiosity's and shadows.


Although Kaya is en expert in neuro-science, physical energetic embodiment & psycho-emotional development, Kaya guides not from knowledge alone, she is intuitive and her work is heart based. She is specialised in trauma, addictions, s-xuality and intimacy. Besides all the above she is amazing Body Alchemist, who reads and touches bodies in a way rarely seen.

Rooted in years of experience Kaya's approach is sharp and straight forward, she has an unconventional yet very successful way to get you to where you long to be. 


Private Weekend

Intro meeting 

3 - days private sessions 

Two weeks online support

Report with observations and practices

Integration meeting after 3/4 weeks

After care call after  8/10 weeks

 5.500,- euro/6.000,- usd

Due to the intensity of the work, Kaya only accepts a limited nr of clients. If you desire a private weekend with Kaya in your home or on location, please reach out for the possibilities.