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Wondering why after all the work you are still stuck

in the same patterns?

Join Kaya Jiwan in Amsterdam for 4 days


Bio Manipulation

Impulse Regulation

Radical Nerve System Reset.




Forget about fight, flight and fawn.


These responses are all secondary to the master of

all survival strategies: Freeze. 


You can do all the work you want, Kambo, Mama Aya, and magical mushrooms. You can meditate on the mountain until you are enlightened. Dance into Ecstasy, breath into freedom, gather wisdom, and activate high levels of consciousness.


When you don't work on the subtle freeze, you stay stuck in patterns, relationships, and situations that are no longer serving you.


You know what I am talking about, right?


You have done so much.

You improved you life on many levels.

But there are still things that don’t seem to shift. 


I know. 


In this 4 day training, we offer a trauma informed approach to explore the depths of your own subtle paralyses. We create a bio manipulation map of the instant freeze response as an anchor point for radical change.


Melting the ice of your subtle freeze is the gateway for living truth through re-claiming deep inner safety.


In the training we will focus on bio manipulation, impulse regulation, deep freeze systematics & rewiring survival paralysis. 



4 - Day Training

Preparation practices

Aftercare manual

Integration call




Thursday - Sunday

19 - 22 January 2023

10.00 - 17.00



Trust Ticket

+ 30 min intro call



Frozen Ticket

+ 2hr nerve system reset



Elite Ticket

+ 8 weeks personal mentorship




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