Intro Session


If you want to work with Kaya it is important to have a clear picture of where you are

and where you want to go. Kaya doesn't work with everybody, she desires

a clear match on many levels and she needs to see your potential for transformation.

Kaya works with the new leaders, people who desire to reach higher levels

of personal awareness, people who are not afraid to take risks to improve their lives on all levels.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment for an intro call

which can lead to an invitation for a free intro meeting.

Single Session


3 hrs


In a single session, we work on one specific topic. For example: Coming home in your body and sex,

discovering what is holding you back to step into your full potential,

tension release, orgasmic awakening or any other topic that is important to you. 


For couples, we will focus on the dynamic in the relationship, sex, and polarity. 


A session consists of coaching & intimate bodywork.

 After the session, you receive a report with practices and observations.



1000,- EURO / 1100,- USD /  9000,- HKD



3 days 


In a weekend nothing is left unspoken. I will show you the way to another kind of life.

We will work with intimate touch, nudity, re-parenting, nerve system mirroring and

transformational coaching


We will focus on releasing limiting beliefs and old wounds to create space for new imprints. 

Practices and tools for conscious transformation & Pleasure Based Living are the core of this weekend.


. The program is designed around your desires and needs. 


You receive a personal workbook,

practices and observations and one online intro and aftercare meeting. 



5000,- EURO /  5500,- USD / 45.000,- HKD

Online Mentorship


3/6 Months

Since there are a lot of requests from all over the world Kaya decided to open spots for 

Online Mentorship. You can choose to have Kaya next to you for 3 or 6 months.

She will guide you with video calls and what's app/email support in between the sessions.


For more info about Online Mentorship


Exclusive Programs 



In this tailor made program we combine single sessions, day and weekend meetings. 

We will create a safe setting and built an intimate relationship that serves your personal transformation. 


After an extensive intake I will create a program based on your desired outcome,

timeframe and location in the world.


Some examples of previous clients 



6/8 months 


10 sessions of 3 hrs 

1 full day private training 

2 group weekend trainings

Individual workbook with practices, and drawings

Weekly phone/zoom calls

One intro & aftercare meeting



10.000,- EURO / 11.000 USD / 90.000 HKD




1 1/2 Year

6 private 4 day retreats 

Two group weekend trainings

Individual workbook with practices and drawings 

Unlimited support through phone/zoom calls 

Two intro & after care meetings



50.000,- EURO / 55.000 USD / 450.000 HKD





This program is designed for people who want to go full-on. 

There is no escape and no avoiding, we will create a new foundation and give you imprints on

love, safety, freedom, touch, sex, relationships, orgasm, and intimacy. 


You will receive sessions from me and my team to serve your transformation on all levels. 

There will be hours of massage, full body stroking to create safety and harmonize the nerve system, deep trauma release, orgasmic activation, mindful masturbation, mirroring and Sexual Embodiment Practices.


A year training is for people who struggle with addictions, anxiety, relationships or sex-related issues

If you long to awaken your full potential, we are also happy to take this journey with you.



12 sessions of 4hrs 

2 group weekend training 

Individual workbook with practices and drawings

Weekly phone/zoom call

One introduction meeting 

One aftercare meeting



15.000 EURO / 17.000 USD / 130.000 HKD



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