Image by Timothy Dykes


The beginning of a relationship is often beautiful and full of promises. You found the one that matches you like no one did ever before. You feel a strong attraction and the future feels bright and filled with love. 


Unfortunately sooner or later this feeling dissolves. Instead of feeling trust, love and aliveness, you find yourself in arguments, doubts and distance. 


You lost the magnetic spark of attraction, the spark that makes your eyes glow and your body tingle. The spark that makes you fly high on love and togetherness, ready to rule the world.

You promised yourself that you would never be one of those watered down couples. You promised yourself that you would never be a bitter partner who always argues. You promised yourself so many things. 


But here you are.

 Not in your power

Not in your aliveness

Not in your juice



You feel there is life under the physical coldness, but when you look into the mirror you can not ignore the fact that you lost a part of yourself.


Your relationship is still alive, but are you?


You try to find the answers, you try to ignore it, you try to find a solution, you try to talk about it. You know this can not go on forever. 

Why why why


Why did the attraction slowly die?


Why do you feel depleted and full of blame?


​Why is it so difficult to trust and surrender again?


Kaya offers a journey to explore your intimate relationship. Together we will identify the wounds,  and other subtle blockages that keep you from thriving in your intimate life.



Personal Mentorship

6.500,- euro


Private Weekend
6.000,- euro


Online Mentorship

5.500,- euro

 Kaya creates tailor made offers for her clients based on the desire/issues and

the location in the worldYou are welcome alone and with your partner.