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If you work with Kaya there is no escape.

She knows how to confront you with your own avoiding mechanisms. No apologies, no victim behavior, everything comes to the table. 

Although I have had a lot of coaching, the way she approached me was unique, she helped me to identify subtle patterns that sabotage me. Patterns I wasn't even aware of. She supported me to step into my full potential and to become fully ME.

 I feel alive and free.


~ Rutger

I am grateful that I met you. You opened a new world of sxxuality. 

It feels like a journey into the unknown. It feels so tender, so vulnerable, and also powerful.  As if  I opened the unlimited potential of my soul.  

Sxx is so fundamental,  wonderful and sometimes difficult to understand. But I found a new world with you.


~ Frederique

I felt lost in my life when I called Kaya.

I heard about her from a couple who went from the edge of divorce to be crazy in love in only 6 private sessions. I was not sure if she could help me since I have had issues with relationships for most of my life. What I didn't know is that Kaya is a hurricane. FULL ON, SPOT ON. Destroying every piece of me that was in the way of loving myself and meeting the right partner.


~ Susie

I have been following Kaya for a few years. Her writings are so intense and spot on. I had read about her approach but didn't know that she could be my personal mentor too. I feel so lucky that she choose me for her online mentor program since I know she is very picky in whom she invests her time. I felt stuck in my life, bored and not happy. But she showed me how to get the spark back, how to awaken deeper pleasure on all levels. 

~ Richard

I met Kaya in Hong Kong on a business trip. The moment I heard her talking I knew, this is the one for me. I am crazy successful in my business, but I lost the connection with my own body and emotions. I numbed myself with cheap sxx and alcohol. Not really issues to be proud of. In the beginning, I wanted someone to listen to me, to hear me, to understand me. After a few weeks, the story was finished, but the journey with Kaya just started. The way she approached me, without any judgment always with compassion and love, broke my heart open. At that moment the little scared boy felt safe to come out. I had no clue I was still running from my childhood..... The integration of old stories made me whole again. I found myself back, no need to run, numb, or hide. I can finally celebrate my success and live the life I love.

~ Paul

Wow, fck yes, wow. What a woman, what a knowledge, what an inspiration.

I thought I needed help with my issues with PME, but instead, my whole world changed. I never knew that my issues were rooted in the tension in my body and the insecurities I had. I am a different man, I have more clarity, more purpose, I my intimate life and my love life changed from being frustrated to having superpowers.


~ Tom



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