Maybe you need to be called out on your addictions and the chaos you have been creating. Maybe you need a full reset from the traumas that have been ruling your relationship dynamics, maybe you long for a mirror who reflects all the unseen parts in your life.

Kaya Jiwan invites you on a private transformational journey, a high pressure cooker where you can not avoid, escape or hide from all that has been lingering under the surface for so long.



The Mirror is a full fck yes to yourself, it is a deep commitment to take full responsibility and fall into the unknown. It is the next step in your inner-evolution. The Mirror can be as intense as 10 days in a row, going full in and deep in a villa together with Kaya in Ibiza, Tulum, Bali or Marrakesh. Or if you like to take it slower without losing the intensity, you book the Mirror as a 6 months personal journey in the Netherlands.



The Mirror is never the same, for some people it is an intense journey of releasing destructive patterns, healing the urge to numb the way through life. For others it is an activation of embodied power and embodied leadership, for some it is transforming limiting believes after playing small in a lifetime full of co-depended relationships. It can also be a full reset together with your partner, claiming new 

territories of love instead of giving in to the one way street of a divorce. 


Kaya creates The Mirror based on your personal profile. She does not offer a standard program, but develops a unique piece of art based on where you are and where you want to go in your life. 


The Mirror is the perfect evolutionary playground for your transformation, it is a rollercoaster of experiences, emotions and insights. Kaya stands by your side with unlimited whats' app acces, to guide you through the difficult stages. Kaya is here for you. From each session Kaya also writes a report with most important insights, observations and practices as a guideline to integrate your journey into daily life.  .



The Mirror can take place on in Ibiza, Marrakesh, Bali or Tulum. Wherever you feel the need to be for your inner-evolution. It doesn't really matter where we are because transparency, the truth, the lies, being seen in all, is everywhere the corner stone. The Mirror is your upgrade on all levels, body, health, touch, insights, embodiment, relationships, all is included.


Addiction, emotional numbness, trauma, s-xual boredom, loss of attraction, relational power dynamics, death, love, divorce, orgasm*c disorders, loneliness, feeling powerless, masculine/feminine polarity, in The Mirror nothing is unspoken or unseen. You are welcome with your personal issues, curiosity's and shadows.


Although Kaya is en expert in neuro-science, physical energetic embodiment & psycho-emotional development, Kaya guides not from knowledge alone, she is intuitive and her work is heart based. She is specialised in trauma, addictions, s-xuality and intimacy. Besides all the above she is amazing Body Alchemist, who reads and touches bodies in a way rarely seen.

Rooted in years of experience Kaya's approach is sharp and straight forward, she has an unconventional yet very successful way to get you to where you long to be. 


The Mirror

Intro meeting 

10 in person sessions 

5 zoom sessions 

Personal Report

What's app support 

Integration meeting 

After care call 

 15.000,- euro/16.000,- usd

Due to the intensity of the work, Kaya only accepts a limited nr of clients. Kaya works both with clients all over the world. It is possible to book the Mirror as a personal 10-day private retreat and as a 6-monthjourney