to access your power your need to leave the prison of your shadows

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You want to know why?

Because there is something you can't see. There is something 

hidden so deep that you are not even aware how to reach it. 

Something unseen and unspoken is limiting you and 

with all the work you have done, it didn’t go away.


You feel you have learnt so much

You are truly happy with where you are

At the same time you are not where you want to be 




Sometimes there is this little voice that creeps out of the darkness 

with questions you don't understand. although you have heard them many times before. It is easy to ignore it, it is easy to pretend it is not there, it is easy to forget about it and continue with life. 


Only when you truly look into the mirror you know,

the part without a name that is hiding in the darkness of your

existence, can not be ignored forever. 


I know how it feels 

I see how it moves in you 


And I wrote a program about it 




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You will work with me and together with a group, diving deep into the unseen shadows. You receive a workbook with practices, weekly online reflections and acces to personal Mirror support. All the experiences will be grounded and integrated into your daily life for maximum impact.


In the program you explore master key's to identify and observe your shadow behavior. You discover how catch your

T O X I C patterns and learn to unmask them. And you know why we go so deep into the dark? Because we want to bring the lost power back to where it belongs: You.

T O X I C is not an easy program and at the same time it is very simple.

I bring you the mirrors, you do the work. We all reflect, implement master keys and change will happen.



What do I ask of you?

To for once and for all show up fully, no excuse, no hiding, no holding back, no lies. no stories about your childhood and former relationships, no justification. But a full commitment to go deep with me.


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T O X I C is for you


* If you desire to upgrade of your life

* If you have done the work but still feel limited

* If you are done with feeling powerless and small 

* If you are aware of your pattens but can't move through 

* If your inner resistance is cooking and you are ready to pop

* If you are not living your full potential in love and manifestation

* If you are in a relationship but are unhappy in the dynamic

* If you run into the same situations over and over again

You are also welcome if you simply want to work with me because you miss someone in your life who is straight forward in showing you the ugly mirrors. I am here to give you new imprints and the transmission you long for.


T O X I C is not for you 

* If you have severe trauma and you didn't work with me before 

* If you are attached to your sub personality parts and false safety 

* If you are afraid you will outgrow your relationships and lovers

* If you don't want to be reflected but still long for change 

* If you have issues trusting others in their mirroring of you

* If you want to discuss and question everything I say or do

* If you need a lot of confirmation and validation 

I like to be clear.

My passion is to work with people show them the path that brought me so much clarity, authenticity, inner leadership and safety.


I am not for every one. 

I am here for you.


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8 weeks


Deep Shadow Diving


Mirror Meet Ups

Weekly Guidance
Reflections Letters 

T O X I C workbook

Doors open


MARCH 2023


T O X I C 


Wondering how you lose your power?
Wondering how your subtle shadows feast on your energy?

Join T O X I C to claim back what you give away so easily.



It is wild, confrontational, and deep. The pre-list for T O X I C 2023 will open soon.

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