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When you are motivated by the need to be liked, to be accepted, to be loved, you are easily influenced, manipulated, controlled and triggered. With subtle manipulations you convince yourself you need the other to feel good, to feel alive.


When you are rooted in your own power, you wake up to the fact that you just need to feel your own body to feel alive, satisfied and fulfilled. Yes, when you dare to come home in your body and liberate yourself from the need to belong you become truly free. 


And powerful as fck.


Truth Based Relating is an in-depth training for explorers, couples and professionals who desire to receive insights, embodied knowledge & tools to work with the subtle manipulations, trauma bonding, core wounding, co-dependency, nerve system  and micro addictions both in themselves and others.


In the training will work with specific practices and techniques to burn through the old neuro pathways and bring you home to your body. You will explore how to let go of the cellular body trauma, how to transform micro addictions, and what is asked of you to balance the nervous system. You will also learn the gold and wisdom of triggers and discover how new imprints can be implemented through embodiment. 


In Truth Based Relating we work with you, your body history and your profile. We don’t dive into the personal stories the mind created about ourselves or others but instead use the body as the tool to cut the cords of the lies that keep us hooked. We also don’t focus on the love relationship, but on the relationship that you have with yourself in connection to others.  


The field will be raw, loving, disturbing, uneasy and honest. We will explore the gap, the strategies, the layered identity, the avoiding mechanisms, shame, guilt and your core imprints of conditional love.



Although the training is body-based, there will also be time for shared knowledge, insights and practical wisdom to give you a better understanding of the dynamics of your system, your responses to life and your relationships.



Love, lies & trust

Mirrors of trauma

Pleasing and fitting in

Micro addictions

Frequency of Home

Deep intimacy

The illusion of belonging

Validation wounds

Cutting cords

Nerve system rebalancing

Body reading

Soft surrendering

Wisdom of triggers

Source anchoring

Neediness, needs and desires

Translating subtle manipulations

Co-dependency & Avoidance

Trauma bonding

Freedom based connecting

Memory Body





 We work with a container of inclusivity, confidentiality and safety. You are welcome alone or with a partner. All practices are an invitation with space for your boundaries and explorations. However touch and being touched is a part of the training, so is body alchemy and body awareness. 


Truth Based Relating is based on 25 years of experience in working in the field of love, trust, bodywork, intimacy, trauma and of course Kaya’s own fck ups in life and relationships. Kaya is not afraid to call herself out on her bullshit and will do the same to you.


Truth Based Relating

4 Day Training


Personal intro call

Methodology Manual

Integration meeting

Aftercare call


Regular 1.500,- euro/1.700,- usd


24 - 27 May



21 - 24 June


Ready to dive deep? You can buy your ticket here or fill in the application form and you will be invited to create your personal together with Kaya Jiwan.