The more you speak up 


The more you live your truth 

The more you become free 


You see friends, love, connections, work 




You see friends, love, connections, work 




No longer from the false images 


No longer from the lies 


You told yourself 


You see a new world 




From the depths of your being 


You discover sides of you 


Which were buried for so long 


You didn’t know, you couldn’t see


They existed inside of you 


You start to love things you hated


And you hate things you loved 


What an upside down world 


Going from 100 to zero 


Moving from the lie to the truth 


It is an insane journey 


Never have you cried so hard 


Never have you loved so deep 


Never have you felt so safe 


Never have you felt so seen 

Never have you felt so welcome


By yourself, by others 


By the world around you 


The inner revolution is not won


By keeping your image alive 


The inner revolution is not won


With trying to fit it 


The inner revolution is not won


With pleasing to keep the peace 


The inner revolution is won

By showing up 


In all the nakedness, facing the ego dying 


On stage in the spot lights


Falling apart, being burnt 


Being spit on, being left 


Being broken to pieces 

While being born again


The resurrection of who you truly are 


And in this proces you discover 


Therapy is a lie, personal development is a lie 


Coaching is a lie, trauma informed is a lie 


Consciousness is a lie, spirituality is a lie 


When you still hide under the blankets 


Keeping hostage, chocking deeply inside 


The one that tries to break free 



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