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Can you handle the truth?

What happens when every one would share the truth? What happens with your trust, what happens with the picture of security you created in your mind? 


It is easy to say, truth increases trust. But are we really ready to hear it all, to see it all, to read it all? Or will it disturb our world?


What if your coach, shares that he feels unbalanced because he is in overwhelm from all his client and releases his stress by yelling at his kids. 


What if your employee shares that she is in love with your partner. What happens to your trust, when you know that the favorite highschool teacher of your kids watches violent p*rn every single night.


What happens to you when the Kundalini Yoga Teacher, you admire, comes clean with his secrets. That he needs weed and alchohol to ease his pain. What if your dentist shares, that she only makes it till the end of the day with a few lines of coke.

What if your brother admits that he hits his wife, when he loses control because he can’t handle the divorce she desires.


What happens to your trust, to the pictures you created in your mind when you read that the bodyworker who brings you to ecstacy, can’t stop swiping on Tinder. Luring in new women to stop his loneliness.

What happens to your trust, when the friendly neighbour, who always helps you out, shares that she sells her body to rich men. To pay off the depths from the past 


What happens to your world, on the inside, on the outside, when everyone dares to liberate himself, herself, from the hidden secrets that live behind the closed doors.

Would you welcome it? Would you celebrate it? Would you love them more because they show that they are just as much human as you are?


Or would you lose trust. Would you talk about it. Shame them. Avoid them. Judge them. Because they fell of the pedestal you need them to stay on for your security, for your trust.


Really tell me, what would happen to you, when everyone around you, would share their truth?


I know many of us love to read the fck ups from the well known celebrities because it makes them just like us.

But what happens when the whole world comes clean. Steps out of the shadows and owns the truth we don’t want to see, we don’t want to know.

Tell me. Are you rooted and strong enough in your own core to allow others to be as fcked up, to be as insecure, to be as lost as you are? 


Tell me are you really ready to hear the truth and still give them your trust and still offer them your heart?


Cause as long as we need others to make us feel safe we give space to lies, dishonesty and secrets.

So my question is: Are you ready for a world where the truth is seen, is welcome, is celebrated?

If your answer is yes, you are welcome in the FB group Days of Truth.


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