Your Journey

Kaya understands that even if you are successful in many areas of your life, there can be challenges that ask for intense personal guidance.

Maybe you tried regular coaching, relationship therapy, or addiction counseling.  Maybe you read the popular self/help books,

drank Ayahuansca or spend a week in silence in a Monastery. It doesn’t really matter where you have been and what you have done. 


What matters is where you want to go.


If others look at your life, they see a successful person,  blessed with an amazing career, friends and maybe even a partner and kids. 


But you struggle with something and you don't know how to move on. Instead of feeling happy, you feel blocked & stuck. 

You feel unbalanced in your relationship instead of loved and desired. You feel stuck in intimacy instead of open and in flow.

You feel grey instead of shiny and alive. You feel insecure instead of powerful and focussed on your purpose.


You are grateful for everything in your life.  

But the  question keeps crawling through your mind:


Is this all there is?


No. If you haven't unlocked your full potential there is much more to reach for.


Kaya offers exclusive custom made programs for individuals and couples who desire to take the next step, to dive deep.

People who are not afraid to jump into the unknown and discover all that is possible.

Online Guidance, Private Transformation Weekend, Personal Mentorship.

Everything is tailor-made, designed around your questions, needs, and desires.

Kaya works with all issues related to love, life and ssx. 

Sxxless Marriage - Intimacy Anxiety - Relationship Boredom - Orgasmic Disorders,

Co-dependency - Midlife Crisis  - Divorce  - Purpose Awakening -  Addictions - Recovery Embodiment

Shame and Guilt - PME - Body Shame - Trauma Related Freeze - Freedom & Pleasure Based Living.


Although some topics are related to the body, ssx and intimacy, the nature of the work is transformation.

We do not offer any erotic or sxxual services. 

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